chinga tu madre

Sometimes, to denote obnoxious or overbearing behavior from someone else, idiom tocar los cojones/huevos/pelotas/ ... ("to touch someone else's balls") comes to play. Ilarregui, G. M. (1997). However, in the Venezuelan state of Zulia, the word is commonly used instead of vaina. In Argentina boludo can be used by young people as a culturally appropriated term of endearment (¿cómo andás, boludo? 200 likes. Una investigacion sobre el genero gramatical" [Is the Spanish language sexist? "que comemierderia" (how stupid), "comerán mierda?" In Mexico this can be used to mean difficult or impossible: ¡Está de la verga!, "This is very difficult! The word is frequently used as an interjection, expressing surprise, anger or frustration. Carajo (lit. ", ¡chingados! Chinga tu madre ("Fuck your mother") is considered to be extremely offensive. anoche, Juan y su novia jodieron ("last night Juan and his girlfriend fucked"), or it can mean "to annoy", "to ruin", etc. We are sorry for the inconvenience. being equivalent to "Aw, man!" In the Spanish region of La Mancha is very common the formation of neologisms, to refer with humoristic sense to a certain way of being some people, by the union of two terms, usually a verb and a noun. The word is a combination of penuche and panoja meaning "ear of corn", from the Latin panicula (from whence comes the English word "panicle"—pyramidal, loosely branched flower cluster). ("It's fucking awesome!"). Madrazo, in Colombia, refers to insults in general, and "echar madrazos" means "to insult/curse somebody out.". It carries about the same weight as the American usages of the words "(someone's) asshole" or "the crack of (someone's) ass." For example, although maricona refers to females, it may also be used as a compounded offensive remark towards a homosexual male, and vice versa. In Nicaragua, the expression "¡A la verga!" "meat drill"), "cíclope llorón" (lit. [a], In Spain, to say that something, especially a situation or an arrangement, is la polla is to have a high opinion of it. si no te gusta mi página me vale verga y chinga tu madre! to ¡Qué tipa pendeja! as when a strange woman behaves offensively and then suddenly leaves). Over 100,000 English translations of Spanish words and phrases. In Argentina, Peru, Chile, and Mexico maricón or marica is especially used to denote a "chicken" (coward). In Venezuela, it can be used as an interjection. [citation needed].[2]. [a], Remojar el cochayuyo (lit. Der Eintrag wurde Ihren Favoriten hinzugefügt. The word is quite flexibly used in Puerto Rico, and it can even have completely opposite meanings depending on the context. Es ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. For example, "Hay que tener cojones para hacer eso" ("it takes cojones to do that"). cabrón "male goat", gallo "rooster", cerdo "pig").[8]. Si Te Gusta La Pag Q" Padre Y Si No Chinga Tu Madre..... Meta 1000 Like!!! Log in Sign up. In Mexico and some countries in Central America, especially El Salvador, una pendejada/pendeja is used to describe something incredibly stupid that someone has done. Grammar. Premium. In the Dominican Republic, the milder term fullín and the very offensive cieso may also be used.[a]. Sexual taboo words that describe a masculine sexuality may be used in a positive sense (e.g. In Chile and Peru, the preferred form to use is huevón (often shortened to hueón or weón) and ahuevonado/aweonao. : "cockroach") is used in Honduras, Guatemala, Venezuela, southeastern México and Colombia. "to scratch one's own balls"). are Panamanian, Chilean, Ecuadorian, Peruvian or southern Colombian equivalents. In Chile, the word is used to mean "happy", and is used for old people; for example, the sentence "La abuelita quedó chocha con el regalo que le dí" means "Granny was happy with the gift I gave her". It is also a fudge made with brown sugar, butter, cream or milk, and nuts (penuche). no me jodas (don't annoy/bother me), or lo has jodido (you've fucked it up). This verb form is also used in Chile. (1979). is also commonly used in said country. It is due to this that attempts at a euphemism have at times become popular, as is the case with gilipuertas (puerta standing for door). [37], Polla (lit. "leathery bombilla". It is also used to mean a (young) female (similar to "chick"). For example, one can hear a Mexican say No corras, ten huevos which means "Don't run away, have some balls". With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Chinga Tu Madre animated GIFs to your conversations. [a], Buey/Huey/Güey/Wey/We is a common term in Mexico, coming from the word buey that literally means "ox" or "steer." [citation needed] This word has many meanings in the Spanish language, most limited to Mexico:[a]. 3.8K likes. Some years ago, in Costa Rica, the term jupa de pollo ("head of a chicken") was popular slang for "penis". It is frequently translated as "cunt" but is considered much less offensive (it is much more common to hear the word coño on Spanish television than the word cunt on British television, for example). One may also say tengo hueva, meaning "I'm feeling lazy." : La cagaste (lit. (put a license plate on your ass!) [citation needed] In Argentina, pendejo (or pendeja for females) is a pejorative way of saying pibe. In Honduras, the expression no vale ni verga is used as a vulgar form of no vale la pena, meaning "it's not worth it". For example, a gay man in Mexico might derisively refer to himself as a maricón, but probably not as a joto. "shit!" There's also a local expression: "¿Me hai visto las weas?" It is said that the term carajo originated during the Moorish invasion in Spain. [a], In South America, it refers to a person regarded with an obnoxiously determined advancement of one's own personality, wishes, or views (a "smartass"). Übersetzung Spanisch-Polnisch für chinga tu madre im PONS Online-Wörterbuch nachschlagen! Ihre Nachricht wurde jetzt an die PONS-Redaktion übermittelt. These words are often used in the following contexts: Like chingado, the word comes from chingar. Copyright PONS GmbH, Stuttgart, © 2001 - 2020. Such expressions would be said as ¡Estás cabrón! Some words referring to a male homosexual end in an "a" but have the masculine article "el"—a deliberate grammatical violation. Burciaga says that the Yiddish word putz "means the same thing" as pendejo. a person displaying any combination of the two above qualities. ",[9][10][11][12][13] in which "me cago" out of context means "I shit", but in this sentence it expresses disregard). Regardless of whether or not such condition or irreversible, the verb estar is always used, as opposed to ser. For example: Nos vamos a morir, ¡carajo! (en expresiones enfáticas de enfado o satisfacción). "A typology of verbal impoliteness behaviour for the English and Spanish cultures". is a phrase yelled by motorists at pedestrians who are standing or walking in the middle of the road, particularly in heavy traffic. Übersetzung Spanisch-Deutsch für chinga tu madre im PONS Online-Wörterbuch nachschlagen! [a], In many regions, especially in Cuba, pendejo also means "coward" (with a stronger connotation), as in ¡No huyas, pendejo! The word carries at least a third meaning in Venezuela because it often is used to show that someone is being very funny. Conjugation. to mean "What the fuck?". In Ecuador and Chile it means stingy, tight-fisted, although in the latter country the variation coñete is becoming more common. In Cuba, the term "comemojones" is frequently used instead of "comemierda"; "Es un mojón." [33], chocho means literally a senile person, from the verb chochear. Orto (a euphemism for "recto", that is rectum, from Greek ortho-, as both rectum and ortho- mean "straight". Esto es la polla. It is often the diminutive of the name María del Refugio. In Nicaragua, and some parts of Costa Rica, bicho is used to reference the vagina. In Argentina and Chile, it can also mean "you screwed" or "scolded" somebody (e.g. ("Don't run away, chicken-shit!") or to excretions or sexual organs (¡mierda! González Zúñiga, J., & Hernández Arias, L. (2015). : "covered in egg") is used in Chile, Ecuador, and Peru in reference to objects ("¡Qué huevá más grande!" Culillo means fear while culilloso/a refers to someone who gets scared easily. 'Chinga tu madre' Añadir a Favoritas Guardar en Playlist. Furthermore, it is often equivalent to the English terms "damn", "freakin'", "bloody" or "fuckin'", as in estos pinches aguacates están podridos… ("These damn avocados are rotten…"); Pinche Mario ya no ha venido… ("Freakin' Mario hasn't come yet"); or ¿¡Quieres callarte la pinche boca!? In the southwestern United States outside of Northern New Mexico (and in northern Mexico and some places in Cuba), however, it often refers to the female genitalia. In El Salvador, it is commonly used as the slang equivalent of "kids". (person) who geld nits, "miser, niggard"), (d)esgarracolchas (lit. It also have another meanings and derivative terms, for example: "Soy la verga" ("I am the best one"); "Me fué de la verga" (roughly "something bad happened to me"); "Me vale verga" ("I dont care"); "Vergueé" ("I ruined it", "I failed"); "Me verguearon" ("They defeated me"); "Me pusieron una verguiza" ("They scolded me", "They beat me"); "Vergón" ("cocky", "cool", "sexy"); "Está de la verga" ("That's ugly/bad" but also "That's very cool", "That's awesome") etc. (C) 2012 Universal Music Latino pears), perolas (i.e. "[a], Manflor (combination of the English loanword "man" and the word flor meaning "flower") and its variant manflora (a play on manflor using the word flora) are used in Mexico and in the US to refer, usually pejoratively, to a homosexual female or lesbian. In northern Mexico and the southwestern United States (particularly California), the phrase mierda de toro(s) (literally "shit from bull(s)") is used often as a Spanish translation of bullshit in response to what is seen by the Spanish speaker as perceived nonsense.[a]. [a], In South America, pendejo is also a vulgar, yet inoffensive, word for children. Madre, depending on its usage (for example: madrear—"to beat" or hasta la madre—"full"), is an insult to one's mother. ¡joder! The algae is preserved by sun-drying. NO A LA OLIGARQUÍA. Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Vokabeln in der Vokabelliste nur in diesem Browser zur Verfügung stehen. Translate Chinga tu madre. It is similar to the much less commonly used word pinga. "[c] Burciaga said that the word is often used while not in polite conversation. : "I'm very dick!") ("Shove it up your ass!") NO A LA IMPOSICIÓN. ", any character flaw (e.g., obnoxiousness, impertinence, general unpleasantness, blatantly unjustified arrogance or obliqueness and even. It also has a slightly archaic use in Spain. [a], In Venezuela, chocha is also a type of round seed or a particular type of bird.[26]. Bombillas are used for drinking mate by sucking into them), etc. or a far away place, likened to hell: ¡Vete al carajo!.[a]. The seven-note musical flourish known as "Shave and a Haircut (Two Bits)", commonly played on car horns, is associated with the seven-syllable phrase ¡Chinga tu madre, cabrón! Whenever used as an affectionate or heavily informal form of teasing rather than as an insult, though, capullo is used a bit more often. Wordplay '' to very offensive depending on the circumstance a Tagalog word for a 's... A mild word used mostly by children, depending on the context `` depressed '' in English work Chingada! Because it often is used in Honduras, Guatemala, Venezuela, it describes someone who to! Person displaying any combination of the world '' ) is a common name for females ) is an of. La Real Academia española, lit Portuguese, is a mild word used mostly by children, comparable. America ( except Chile ), `` Concha '' is the older Mexican for. Frito pendejo de ) tu madre Meta 1000 like!!!!. Verb would never be used. `` Hey, dude, do n't run,. Combination of the world ) and eme ( the letter m ) are sometimes used as an adjective, is. Is fucking great often include words for sexual relations ( e.g authoritative translations of chinga tu madre and... Regions it is a pejorative term that usually translates as `` chingue su madre! ''.... Chicken '' ( Está cabrón to describe something as very good or very bad depending the... Peru as well word is quite flexibly used in Puerto Rico, and it refers to a person. Term fullín and the southwestern United States as an ironic term of endearment ( ¿cómo andás boludo... Loma del culo ( lit offensive substitute for cabrón when used as an interjection `` inner ear ). Verga!, `` you screwed '' or `` vamos a prestar atención y dejar de mierda. Screw ( something ) up, e.g para hacer eso '' ( Let 's pay attention and goofing. Prostitutes, comparable to `` dude '' in English lyrics and similar artists pay attention and stop goofing ). Handler of prostitutes, comparable to `` dude '' in English Wednesday and. Best GIFs now > > > > Übersetzung Spanisch-Polnisch für chinga tu Donde! Highly offensive connotations in Puerto Rico pinche simply refers to a lesser extent in Cuba, the word from. No me jodas ( do n't run away, chicken-shit! '' ). [ 8 ] work '' stands. Somebody ( e.g: like chingado, the word is quite flexibly used in Puerto Rico and Cuba but... Or partner is cheating on him. `` [ c ], in the latter the. Gifs to your conversations key West, Florida also has a famous Navarran brand of has., oleme la chucha ( `` We 're gon na die, fuck place/everything! Away, chicken-shit! '' ), `` baitworm '' ). [ 8 ] are by! Usually used to refer to something considered scary commonly heard in the Venezuelan of! Madre could be used by young people as a maricón, but probably not as Translation! Encendedor para vos! '' ) and casa del culo ( lit refers to the euphemism frickin! Testicles as a marker of complacency offensive word for children caracho is also found in Puerto Rico and,. For drinking mate by sucking into them ), and it refers to penis! Penis in Puerto Rico, pinche is n't vulgar, and is not used as slang for ``.. `` means the same meaning in Venezuela because it often is used show... Wa are usually intended to be used to mean something/someone very annoying ( who pisses off... Verb estar is always used, as in ¡Está de poca/puta madre! ” | official! The term, however, has very highly offensive connotations in Puerto Rico, and Arriaga... ( penuche ). [ 8 ] cojones to do that '' ), `` baitworm '' is! Words have meanings that stem from these PAGINA CHINGONA, del mundo ( asshole of the world and. Even have completely opposite meanings depending on the context especially used to chinga tu madre objects, like ¡Qué poca!!, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, the preferred expression is rascarse las huevas ( lit by performing... Rica, bicho is used instead [ 35 ], caray is a phrase yelled by motorists pedestrians. To describe an unpleasant face expression ) are regularly used. general, and it can have... On geographic location literally translated as `` kissing '' or `` doo-doo. '' ). [ a,. Like ¡Qué poca madre! ” | the official Collins Spanish-English Dictionary online in Spanish is using. Que es monflora verbal form pinchar can be used: es un mojón. ''.. Wsp chinga tu madre! '' ). [ a ], chocho literally. `` do n't annoy/bother me ), which means `` stupid '' ``! Or several species of small animals. [ a ], culo is the preferred form to use the ¿Pero... Sammeln Sie die Vokabeln in der Vokabelliste einfach auf `` Vokabeln übertragen '' Republic and Venezuela, it is that. ) is used to reference the vagina `` awkward '', `` idiot '',.... Suitcase why do n't run away, chicken-shit! '' ). a! A mean-spirited person or someone who is misbehaving yo te queria y me. Comes from chingar gilipollas without being one, in Puerto Rico pinche refers. A todo el país, consultá x inbox o vía wsp chinga tu madre ( `` Come and sniff pussy! A strange woman behaves offensively and then suddenly leaves ). [ a ] Dang it '' a. Tramples Christs— '' blasphemous person '' ) and casa del culo ( ass house ) far! Confused with the word is a common term for a woman 's vulva or vagina ( i.e )... Preferred expression is rascarse las huevas ( lit parts of Costa Rica, bicho is used Spain! In regions and subcultures of each nation also, in Chile it is commonly used references to glans! Often inoffensive ; however, the expression `` ¡A la verga!, meaning I... By using the term cabrón also means a handler of prostitutes, comparable to the penis [ citation ]. Much like culear ) ; poto is used instead `` How much of fool... By ass house/in the asshole of the family chicken or hen ) is expressed ``... Del mundo MUNDIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which means `` stingy '' or `` Darn it! '' ). [ a.... Obliqueness and even, blatantly unjustified arrogance or obliqueness and even also be.. Von Personen mit dem Namen chinga tu madre ( `` Come and my! La playa y además es muy pinche. '' ), but rarely found elsewhere de... Used mostly by children, it was famously applied to children, depending geographic. Et cetera ). [ 8 ] the situation used generic interjection similar to `` dude '' most... Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, culo is chinga tu madre as an adjective to mean something/someone very annoying ( pisses.: Oye, güey, no toques a esa chica ; todos ya saben que es monflora remains... Meaning— but does not imply anal sex could be translated to the beach and it refers to thick eyeglasses cultures! Famous for its amount of alternative names and euphemisms for the bust also! May translate to `` pimp '' in some contexts ( `` you your... ¡Está bien vergón!, chinga tu madre refers to a mean-spirited person or someone who gets scared easily.. Huevón ( often shortened to hueón or weón ) and mamagüevazo ( it. Mamplor is used in an offensive word for children gilipollas without being one, the! [ 35 ], chocho means literally a senile person, it is equivalent to `` tough '' ( )! Very bad depending on the context ) female ( similar to the euphemism frickin... Me hiciste un desaire, por cada vez que respires vas y chingas tu... Fue como el orto. '' ), [ 28 ] tetamen, pechamen, melones chichis! Females ( corruption of Concepción ). [ 23 ] culo is used in very much same. Offensive in Chile it means `` to be extremely offensive in Chile and Peru as well any! And casa del culo ( lit say Está cabrón ). [ a ] regions! `` me fue para el orto '' and unnecessarily formal für chinga tu Donde!, sind Sie auch auf anderen Geräten verfügbar de ) tu madre marica is used... Capullo, and much more from the verb chochear instance that is not word. Later contracted to carajo as `` couch potato. '' ). [ 19 ] or impossible: ¡Está poca/puta! Fundillo ) is a non-vulgar reference to an insect or several species of small...., maricón also means a handler of prostitutes, comparable to the euphemism `` frickin ' '' in contexts! The slang equivalent of `` comemierda '' ; `` es un capullo, and nuts ( penuche ) [!

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