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Hewlett-Packard and Xerox offer similar initiatives.

When a lease ends, Canon takes back the used printer, refurbishes it for the next customer or, if it is no longer in working order, ships it to its facility in Giessen, Germany, where it is broken down to the chassis. 23. 5. The Three Mile Island accident was a meltdown at a nuclear power plant in Middletown, Pennsylvania. And because e-waste isn't their problem, the manufacturers themselves have little incentive to design products with easy disassembly and recovery of reusable materials in mind.

The new devices with space-age-smooth casings are often virtually impossible to take apart, meaning even the precious materials they contain will end up in landfills. Dr. Anthony Fauci receives his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at the National Institutes of Health on Dec. 22, 2020, in Bethesda, Maryland. Schools were closed and residents were urged to stay indoors. 12. There were conflicting statements about radioactivity releases. In honor of the many many victims of Three Mile Island, and of the great Dr. Sternglass and so many dedicated experts and activists, we must turn this sad litany into the action needed to shut down ALL the world’s reactors so we don’t have to experience this nightmare yet again. For example, one campaign encourages athletes to speak out against fossil fuel extraction on public lands. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. The accident began about 4 a.m. on Wednesday, March 28, 1979, when the plant experienced a failure in the secondary, non-nuclear section of the plant (one of two reactors on the site). Talbott EO (1), Youk AO, McHugh KP, Shire JD, Zhang A, Murphy BP, Engberg RA. - BBC News ›, Op-ed: How the FDA Ignores the Law When Approving New Chemical Additives to Food, PFAS Chemicals Contaminate U.S. Food Supply, FDA Confirms ... ›, FDA Approves Genetically Engineered Salmon Despite Widespread ... ›, Even the FDA Doesn't Know What Chemicals Are in Your Food ... ›, Fauci, Public Health Officials Warn of Post-Holiday Coronavirus Spike, Fauci Warns Pre-Pandemic Normalcy Not Likely Until Late 2021 ... ›, The Dangerous Fringe Theory Behind Herd Immunity - EcoWatch ›, How to Host a Safe Holiday Meal During Coronavirus – an ... ›, Fauci Warns Fewer Than 10 People For Holiday Gatherings, 'Dark ... ›, Fauci says small gatherings driving new Covid outbreaks, worries ... ›. Thousands of highly radioactive spent fuel rods remain scattered around the Fukushima site; thousands are also still suspended in damaged spent fuel pools 100 feet in the air atop weakened buildings above shattered, melted reactors. Diablo Canyon’s once-through cooling system violates state and federal water quality regulations by dumping huge quantities of hot, radioactive liquid into the Pacific, killing billions of marine creatures while unbalancing the ocean ecology and contributing to climate chaos. The accident at Three Mile Island 2 (TMI 2) in 1979 was caused by a combination of equipment failure and the inability of plant operators to understand the reactor’s condition at certain times during the event. hearings took note of the fact that approximately 325 000 cancer deaths would be expected to occur naturally in the population living within 50 miles of Three Mile Island. The Three Mile Island accident and the enduring questions of ties to cancer and deaths. Environmental News for a Healthier Planet and Life. 13. 30. The United States will most likely experience a "post-seasonal" spike in coronavirus infections largely due to holiday travel and gatherings, current and former U.S. health officials said on Sunday. The Japanese government was repeatedly and passionately warned by thousands of citizens for more than 40 years that putting reactors in a tsunami zone surrounded by earthquake faults was not a good idea. Today, Chernobyl still has a 1,000-square-mile exclusion zone that restricts access to visitors. Industry “experts” ignored the reality that radioactive fallout can come down in clumps rather than spread evenly, and scoffed at findings from neighborhood surveys done by Jane Lee, Mary Osbourne and others showing major outbreaks of cancer in certain downwind neighborhoods. Interestingly, our nutraceutical product, Fucoidan, has proven to be an effective COVID-19 antiviral in vitro and we are watching this research closely.

What's Next on the Horizon?

Oceanium continues to progress with research and development for our food ingredients (protein and fiber), nutraceuticals (Fucoidan, Beta glucan) and circular life-cycle bio packaging materials (film and board).

We have also begun work on two new Innovate UK grants. When about half of TMI’s fuel melted on March 28, 1979, the owners, industry and regulators all denied it, and continued to deny it until robotic cameras showed otherwise. Earthquakes have already damaged at least two U.S. reactors, at Ohio’s Perry site and at North Anna, Virginia (that quake also damaged the Washington Monument in our nation’s capital). Oceanium, Oceanium research associate Andre Rastica at work. My background is in partnership and business development, brand-building and marketing. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. As we commemorate this tragic anniversary, we must note that this list of reactor nightmares could go very very far past 36. In fact, there weren't even any injuries. Reporting credit: Stephanie Manuzak / ChavoBart Digital Media. "We turn passionate outdoor enthusiasts into effective climate advocates," Molina says. As the first major reactor accident that was made known to the public is sadly commemorated, and as the global nuclear industry collapses, let’s count just 36 tip-of-the iceberg ways the nuclear industry’s radioactive legacy continues to fester: 1. To accomplish this transformation, industry, with the FDA's approval, has brought thousands of chemicals into the food system, resulting in diets increasingly composed of ultra-processed foods without regard for the cumulative effect of these additives and their long-term chronic health consequences.

When Congress passed the Food Additive Amendment in 1958 in response to a rapidly changing food system and rising public and scientific concerns about the potential health risks of new chemical additives, it included a health-protective requirement: the cumulative effect of chemically and pharmacologically related substances in the diet must be taken into account when assessing the safety of new additives. But with every upgrade, older models mount up in landfills around the world. "We're always going to need materials," he said. A massive bird die-off at the Pt. (For details see "Account of the Accident" within this volume.) When TMI’s radiation poured into the atmosphere the industry had (and still has) no idea how much escaped, but denied it was of any significance even though stack monitors failed and dosimeters in the field indicated high releases (plant owners claimed they were “defective”). People died--and are still dying--at Three Mile Island. After a half-century of industry assurances that American reactors could not explode, four General Electric reactors blew up at Fukushima. Unlike with office machines, many private customers still want to own a product. 35. The first is focused on further development of the bio-packaging materials; the second looks at maximizing efficiencies across all aspects of the production process, from the seaweed farm to final product development.

, . Wisconsin’s Kewaunee reactor has shut for purely economic reasons despite being fully amortized and having no apparent outstanding maintenance or engineering crises. 18. Reyes National Seashore came with the arrival of the Chernobyl cloud and was documented by resident ornithologist Dr. Dave DeSante, whose findings were ignored by the government; soon thereafter, DeSante lost his job. 13 Animals Died at Three Mile Island Dr. Robert Weber fits the Norman Rockwell image of a country veterinarian. Sustainable seaweed farming helps to mitigate climate change via carbon and nitrogen absorption. Indeed, more than a dozen major, independen… The Three Mile Island accident caused concerns about the possibility of radiation-induced health effects, principally cancer, in the area surrounding the plant. But unofficial investigations and lawsuits claimed there were above-average rates of cancer and birth defects in the surrounding area. By estimate of Hiroaki Koide, assistant professor at Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute, some 30 times as much Cesium 137 has been released at Fukushima as was released during the bombing of Hiroshima. UK-based biotech start-up Oceanium has developed innovative, "green and clean" biorefinery technology to make both these things possible.

With grant funding from Innovate UK and seed investment from Sky Ocean Ventures and Katapult Ocean (the latter two being ocean impact VCs), is focusing on scaling up their high-tech, innovative biorefinery and product development to find out more about the start-up's history, development and plans for the future. The state's registry was discontinued in mid 1997, without any evidence of unusual health trends in the area. 21. Whereas residents near Three Mile Island eventually returned home, the citizens of Pripyat did not. HuffPost is part of Verizon Media. 14. Doomsday Clock Moves Closer to Midnight As California’s Last Active Nuke Plant Puts Millions at Risk, Fukushima Radiation Found in Sample of Green Tea from Japan, Clever Interactive Video Encourages Americans to Join Renewable Energy Revolution. Parts are then reused in repairing other machines. Like most other old U.S. reactors, Diablo Canyon, Davis-Besse, five reactors in Illinois and many more cannot compete in electricity markets against wind power, solar panels, other renewable sources or increased efficiency, and would shut down were it not for massive public subsidies. People who love winter sports like skiing and snowboarding know there's something special about being out in the cold. I've worked with (RED), Comic Relief and also run my own successful e-commerce business. By clicking 'Got It' you're accepting these terms. But unlike other nuclear disasters, Chernobyl for example, which caused at least 4,000 eventual deaths, Three Mile Island was responsible for a whopping zero fatalities. Japanese electronics company Canon, has a scheme to lease large office printers in Europe, which Kuehr cited as an example of dematerialization. 20. Seaweed farming also has other immensely positive environmental impacts, as it does not require cleared land, freshwater, insecticide or fertilizer. 6. Farmers were told to keep thei… In 2010 unrepaired gas lines, which were known to have been deteriorating for a decade, blew up in San Bruno, killing eight people and doing millions of dollars in damage. According to the World Bank, seaweed can absorb 47kg of carbon per wet tonne which equates to approximately one tonne of carbon per hectare annually.

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Of course, some of that carbon will go back into the system. Had … Some local statistics showed dramatic one-year changes among the most vulnerable: "In Dauphin County, where the Three Mile Island plant is located, the 1979 death rate among infants under one year represented a 28 percent increase over that of 1978, and among infants under one month, the death rate increased by 54 percent." The accident caused concerns about the possibility of radiation-induced health effects, principally cancer, in the area surrounding the plant. Public money designated for use by PG&E to upgrade piping systems was diverted to executive bonuses, according to the Los Angeles Times. TMI’s owners later sued Davis-Besse’s owners for not warning them about what had happened. Radiation from Chernobyl will kill, at most, 200 people, while the radiation from Fukushima and Three Mile Island will kill zero people. Title: Fact Sheets, Three Mile Island Accident.. Subject: Image Created Date: 20080912233308Z He currently has five patents to his name and is about to file two more for Oceanium bio-packaging. 7. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. Electronic waste to be dismantled as recyclable waste at the Electronic Recyclers International plant in Holliston, Massachusetts. Reposted with permission from Yale Climate Connections. Early signs that such an accident could happen had already surfaced at the Davis-Besse reactor in Ohio, which was also manufactured by Babcock & Wilcox. The story of the March 28, 1979 Three Mile Island partial meltdown has undergone revisions over the years amid advancing scientific assessments. Diablo’s owners almost certainly violated regulatory requirements and the law in using components within the reactors that were not tested to meet seismic standards. Cooling water, contaminated with radiation, drained from the open valve into adjoining buildings, and the core began to dangerously overheat. He was the Founder of the successful biotech company, GlycoMar, and has extensive experience developing marine-based products for commercial use. A February game of hockey at Dufferin Grove Park Ice Rink in Toronto, Ontario drew attention to global warming as children splashed across the wet ice and puddles. 15. The lies that killed people at Three Mile Island 36 years ago on March 28, 1979 are still being told at Chernobyl, Fukushima, Diablo Canyon, Davis-Besse ... and at TMI itself. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Critical backup batteries meant to keep the reactor cores cool in case of melt-downs were placed in basements which were thoroughly flooded when the tsunami hit Fukushima. On March 28, 1979, one of the reactors at that power plant partially melted down, releasing radiation and revealing flaws within both the system and in how authorities respond to emergencies. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. We are liaising with organizations like Seaweed for Europe and the UN Global Compact Seaweed Manifesto to help quantify this carbon absorption and to ensure this exciting new industry grows in a sustainable and managed fashion.

Seaweed farms protect the seabed from commercial fishing and other harmful practices and create a marine sanctuary for sea life. Oceanium. Ohio’s Public Utilities Commission is being asked by FirstEnergy, Davis-Besse’s owner, for subsidies amounting to more than $3 billion to keep open that decrepit reactor, which opened in 1978, and the Sammis coal burner, which is even older. When fire runs through the wooded areas around Chernobyl, massive quantities of radiation are re-released into the atmosphere. Some of this value is in rare elements such as gold and those — like cobalt — that are becoming ever scarcer because they are essential to electronics.

Forward-thinking companies that start rolling out circular strategies now could have a head start if the economics shifts in favor of recycling, Kelly says.

There is little sign of companies doing so yet, though, and Fix says dematerialization electronics might require government intervention. Workers later frantically took batteries from nearby parked cars to try to power up the stricken cooling systems and other critical components. Its official opening came on December 28, 1978, and it melted exactly three months later. When the plague was confirmed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and the Baltimore News-American, the industry denied the damage could be related to radiation. In addition, seaweed farms encourage responsible coastal management and create marine protected areas for sealife.

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Seaweed as a food source will help ensure food security. Either a mechanical or electrical failure prevented the main feedwater pumps—component (1) in the animated diagram)—from sending water to the steam generators (2) that remove heat from the reactor core (3). The 1979 Three Mile Island accident was a pivotal event that led to questions about U.S. nuclear safety. And for manufacturers, the faster we discard and replace them, the bigger their profits.

Yet for certain products, leasing models are already proving to make good business sense. California’s San Onofre reactors were shut in part due to violations of licensing requirements that are mirrored at both Diablo Canyon and Davis-Besse, where shut-downs could be required by law. According to recent retail sales data, grocery sales of plant-based foods in place of animal products grew 29% in the U.S. to $5 billion between 2017 and 2019. Updated Mar 31, 2019; Posted Mar 21, 2019 . At 4 a.m. on March 28, 1979, the worst accident in the history of the U.S. nuclear power industry begins when a pressure valve in the Unit-2 reactor at Three Mile Island fails to close. Moreover, they want to own one that is new.

It would also require manufacturers to redesign their product lines — in the same way that Canon's made-for-lease printers are made to be taken apart with maximum recovery of materials in mind — and build facilities to undertake this work.

Even then, there is a limit to the volume of materials that can be recycled. Answer: Twelve received a dose of between two and three rem; three received a dose of 11. So Protect Our Winters encourages everyone from casual skiers to big-mountain snowboarders to get involved, join together, and demand climate action. Blair Fix, a political economist and author of the book Rethinking Economic Growth Theory From a Biophysical Perspective, points out that everything degrades and nothing is perfectly recyclable. 10. 8. Construction began on Unit 1 of Three Mile Island, during what the AP described as the golden age of nuclear power. The accident was initiated by mechanical malfunctions in the plant and made much worse by a combination of human errors in responding to it. Our seaweed-based materials can replace resource-intensive food and feedstocks which often contribute to deforestation. The U.S. government did nothing of sufficient scale to monitor Chernobyl’s radiation as it came here, and did nothing to warn the public to avoid milk and other foods that might concentrate that radiation, and has repeated that behavior in the wake of Fukushima. The Three Mile Island Accident At 4:00 AM, March 28, 1979, one of the automatically operated valves in unit 2 closed due to a malfunction and therefore caused a shut … Today, the remaining reactor at Three Mile Island is slated to close because of … We aim to contribute towards economic development and job creation in coastal communities by supporting small-scale farmers when purchasing seaweed, promoting best practice farming techniques and helping enable the nascent sustainable seaweed farming industry in the UK, EU and in the developing world.

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What Has Been the Impact of COVID-19 on Oceanium?

Oceanium has continued to move forward despite the pandemic. The exact whereabouts of the melted cores from Fukushima Units 1, 2 and 3 remain unknown. What about the General Public Utilities (owner of Three Mile Island) employees? When humans nearby were born with Down’s Syndrome and other mutations, and then adults began dying, the industry denied it, then denied any connection to TMI, but then did pay at least $15 million in out-of-court settlements to affected families on condition they not speak about it in public.

In 2019, we generated a record 53.6 million metric tons of e-waste, according to the Global E-waste Monitor put out by United Nations University's (UNU) — a UN research and academic institution — among other organizations. * 7. The most credible study of Chernobyl’s human death toll put it at 985,000 in 2010. Ever since then, I have been passionate about sharing its environmental and societal benefits.

Charlie is a brilliant biochemist who has been developing and commercializing marine-based products for the past 20 years. Chernobyl still seethes with radiation, but the massive, hugely expensive movable sarcophagus meant to cover it is not yet in place. Twenty-eight hours after the accident began, William Scranton III, the lieutenant governor, appeared at a news briefing to say that Metropolitan Edison, the plant's owner, had assured the state that "everything is under control". There are also relatively few of these printers out in circulation, making it easier for them to be recalled than, say, cellphones.

But Tompkins believes subscription models could work for smaller, more numerous devices, if consumers were ready for it. That includes, in dos…

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