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The Fully Funded Scholarship programs of the Taiwan Government offer financial support to both domestic and international students undertaking Masters and Ph.D. Students are encouraged to refer to the official website of each scholarship-offering organisation, to gain a better understanding of the career-development opportunities offered. Please visit to find out more. Previous qualification in the field of Engineering, Medicine, or Natural Sciences … MOE offers various scholarships to outstanding local students at the Secondary and Pre-University level. GRADUATES Finishing your course of study? Colored Photocopy of Passport 4. Scholarship Applications Students who are interested in a PSC or MOE Teaching Scholarship should submit their applications online via the PSC Gateway. © Government of Grenada. Want a scholarship? MOE Humanities Scholarship. Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Curriculum, How do I know if my child has Special Educational Needs, How do I select the right school for my child, How do I apply for a place in the School for my Child, What Financial Support is Available for SPED School Students, Publicly-Funded Private Arts Institutions, Other Government-Affiliated Educational Institutions, Through-train Pathways for Normal (Academic) Students, Post-Secondary Admissions Exercises Brochure, Frequently Asked Questions on Post Secondary Education, Framework for the 2006 GCE A Level curriculum, From Pre-University to University Education, Financial Assistance Information for IHLs, Important Dates For Students Taking The National Examinations, Lost Certificates (PSLE, GCE N/O/A-Levels), Collection of Certificate (GCE N/O/A-Levels), Phase 3 Registration for non-Singapore Citizen / non-Permanent Resident Children, Required Documents for Primary One Registration Exercise, Alternative Child-care Arrangement Declaration, Internet Registration for Phase 2C and 2C Supplementary, Considerations When Choosing Schools and Making S1 Options, Support Schemes for Returning Singaporeans, General Information on Studying in Singapore, International Students with at least one parent who is a Singapore Citizen (SC), Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS), Supplementary Admissions Exercise for International Students (S-AEIS), MOE Secondary and Pre-University Scholarships, Allied Educator (Learning and Behavioural Support), Adjunct Learning & Behavioural Support [FAJ(LBS)] and Adjunct School Counsellor [FAJ(SC)], 8 things you never knew an MOE Kindergarten Teacher does every day, Edusave Award for Achievement, Good Leadership and Service,, Singapore Press Holding’s Annual CATS Recruit Scholars’ Choice, To attract academically strong students to consider an education at one of the independent schools, Bicultural Studies Programme (BSP) Scholarships, Regional Studies Programme (RSP) Scholarships, The Lee Kuan Yew Award for Mathematics and Science, The Lee Kuan Yew Award for All-Round Excellence, The Lee Hsien Loong Award for Outstanding All-Round Achievement, The Lee Hsien Loong Award for Outstanding Bicultural Students, The Lee Kuan Yew Award for Outstanding Normal Course Students, The Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship to Encourage Upgrading, The Lee Hsien Loong Award for Special Achievement, The Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien Book Prize, The Lee Hsien Loong Interactive Digital Media Smart Nation Award. sectors in collaboration with the Singapore Government. outstanding ITE and polytechnic graduates who have performed well academically and attained good The Ministry of Education of P. R. China (MOE) is responsible for the provision of Chinese government scholarships, and entrusts China Scholarship Council (CSC) to administer the recruitment of international students and the routine management of Chinese Government Scholarship Programmes. Access the Scholarship E-Services Online. They will serve a 3-year bond after completing their PGDE course, concurrently with their scholarship bond. Priority will be given to nationals who have lived within the country for the past two (2) years, except in the case of nationals who were away for study purposes or on Government assignment. The minimum eligibility requirements to be considered for a scholarship offered by the GoRTT, applicants must: • be a citizen, resident in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago • have prior proof of application or acceptance to the programme they wish to pursue.. To recognise students from more modest backgrounds who are within the top 25% of their level and course in terms of academic performance, have demonstrated good conduct and whose household income does not exceed $6,000 (or per capita income does not exceed $1,500) Primary. community, To recognise the Lee Kuan Yew Scholarship to Encourage Upgrading (LKY-STEP Award) If you are searching for another Australian scholarship program, The University of South - 2500+ Fully Funded … Click here to login to SATIS and keep in touch with SATD to maintain your scholarship. The mission of MOE is to mould the future of the nation by moulding the people who will determine the future of the nation. with good academic achievements, rigorous thinking, leadership skills, communication skills and personal attributes as Malay (Special Programme) or Bahasa Indonesia as a third language under the Regional Studies Programme, To encourage academically able and artistically talented students to pursue the One way through which this is done is by recognising students' achievements both academic and non-academic through the Edusave awards listed below. I aspire to be a leader of one of the key industries in Singapore. The documents needed are as follows: A Bahamian passport; A NIB smart card; An official acceptance letter co-curricular and other activities. Student Exam Results For Android Student Exam Results For Apple eduNav For Android eduNav For Apple Requirements recipients who have achieved the most outstanding academic results at ITE, To recognise full-time polytechnic students who have completed Interactive Digital Media projects that will contribute to the Smart Nation initiative by harnessing technology to improve the lives of citizens, creating more opportunities, and supporting stronger communities. WHO CAN APPLY FOR THE MOE-AU SCHOLARSHIP? Scholarship Checklist. For non-comprehensive useful links, you could refer to the Public Service Commission or listings published by BrightSparks and Singapore Press Holding’s Annual CATS Recruit Scholars’ Choice. Applicants will be required to sign an undertaking to serve in Grenada, for a specified period of time upon completion of studies. This is an excellent offer for the students from rural areas and hard-working students to show their ability and fulfil their dreams. In 1993, the Government started the Edusave scheme to maximise opportunities for all Singaporean children as early as when they are in primary school. Completed Application Form (downloadable in the respective websites of the specific scholarship program) 2. ON SCHOLARSHIP Already have an award? Persons will need to meet additional eligibility requirements based on the type of scholarship advertised. Degree programs. III. Click here for your next steps on reporting and our employment programmes. The award underpins the strategic importance of developing a core (ECHA), To recognise up to 2% of students who have demonstrated exemplary character and outstanding personal qualities through their behaviour and actions, To recognise students who are within the top 10% of their level and course in terms of academic performance, and have demonstrated good conduct, Edusave Scholarships for Independent Schools (ESIS), To recognise up to 10% of graduating students who have demonstrated excellent professional and soft skills throughout their course of study, and good conduct, Edusave Award for Achievement, Good Leadership and Service Submit your E-Service request easily. women scholarship in spain( urgent), deadline sept. 201 9. scholarships from azerbaijan -2019/2020. Notwithstanding the foregoing consideration may be given to mature applicants who meet other requirements but may not have attained a high academic standard due to extenuating circumstances. Applicants for the Medical Degree at SGU must have a minimum GPA of 3.5. The Ministry of Education Teaching Scholarship (MOE TS) is awarded for undergraduate studies at both overseas and local universities. To promote effective bilingualism in schools, To recognise students for their achievements in mathematics and science and to the Humanities Programme at the ‘A’ levels, To encourage academically able and musically talented students to pursue the Scholarship Duration and Time Limits: (i) The maximum period a Taiwan Scholarship may be held is: four years for undergraduate programs, two years for master’s degree programs, and four years for doctorate programs. The online application opens on 1st September 2019 and closes on 15th March 2020. MOE TS scholars will be given opportunities to hold senior positions in teaching, leadership or senior specialist roles. C- Graduate Students. befit those bound for teaching. Follow us on Instagram Community for Help - Follow. صورة جواز سفر للمتقدم ساري المفعول. The MOE Teaching Scholarship is offered to candidates with a strong passion for education and teaching. Secondary. Definitions. group of students who are able to engage China as well as relate to the West, To recognise students in Normal Academic and Normal Technical courses for their future of our nation. The scholarship is aimed at nurturing a strong core of students. FULL-TERM SCHOLARSHIP. Article One. Scholarships from Ministry of Education. MOE Scholarship Program Information & Regulations Planning for study A student must determine the specialization most suited for his/her needs and future career goals, taking into consideration the field of study, level of qualification, period and intended place of study. non-academic spheres, and who exemplify positive character development, strong leadership and commitment To view information on the following Scholarships download and read our Scholarship Bulletin 2020/2021. The following documents are needed in order to successfully submit an application. post-secondary students, particularly those who have made outstanding contributions to the community and The scholarship is tenable for undergraduate studies at both local and overseas universities. TAIWAN MOE/ICDF SCHOLARSHIP REQUIREMENTS 1. Ministry: The Ministry of Higher Education Minister: The Minister of Higher Education Study Mission is when the Ministry of Higher Education sends a Kuwaiti student to attend an approved university abroad to obtain a specific degree, within the time frame of the program and according to the procedures and requirements in this by-law. ON SCHOLARSHIP Already have an award? Edusave Character Award experience. Applicants must: Be a Singapore Citizen or a Singapore Permanent Resident who takes up Singapore Citizenship before the awarding of the MOE-AU Scholarship; Have a strong interest in pursuing an academic career at one of our local participating AUs; The Ministry of Education Teaching Scholarships (MOE TS) is awarded for undergraduate studies tenable at both overseas and local universities. I am a teacher and would like to recognise my outstanding to service to the community, To recognise the outstanding academic and non-academic achievements of the academic and non-academic spheres. I am interested to pursue an academic career at one of our local Autonomous Universities. MOE Authenticated copy of the Highest Credentials (Diploma and Transcript of Records) from University, CHED, DFA and TECO 3. All rights reserved. The following are Scholarships/Awards that will be administered by the Tertiary Unit of the Ministry of Education for the 2020/2021 academic year. The Taiwan Scholarship program is a joint initiative launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and the National Science Council (NSC) in 2004. *Required only when Applicants are approved by Cabinet. encourage them to continue pursue STEM, To recognise well-rounded students who have excelled in both academic and These include the following: To attract and nurture a group of highly able students who have the interest and I want to find out about UPLIFT Scholarship. MOE: Scholarship In Tunisia Academic Year 2020/2021. Interested persons can view our Facebook page to access scholarship announcements and application forms. and Public Service Commission (PSC) offer a wide range of attractive teaching scholarships and awards to students I want a glimpse into what have exemplified positive character development and a positive attitude and commitment to serve the TAIWAN MOE/ICDF SCHOLARSHIP REQUIREMENTS 1. MOE Scholarship Notice for KUSMS MBBS, BDS and BSc Nursing. Bicultural Studies Programme, To encourage academically able and linguistically talented students to pursue Completed Application Form Certified Copies of Academic Certificates Certified Copy of Birth Certificate Certified Copy of passport bio-data page Transcripts [Original] Two (2) Reference Letters Photograph/s (Passport-sized) … Please visit to find out more. The MOE Pre-University Scholarship offered by the Ministry of Education to top students who have achieved outstanding academic results and excelled in The National Training Awards Selection Committee’s recommendations should be in keeping with Grenada’s Priority Needs. The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania has received scholarships for Undergraduate studies for the Academic year 2020/2021 from the Republic of Tunisia. There are many other scholarship awarding organisations. Priority will be given to applicants with Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 and above. Home > The Official Website of the Ministry of Education > EServices > ServiceCard > Scholarships Page Content Specified specialization for scholarships (according to the QS 2018 World universities Ranking by subjects). Special Programme (Chinese) [BSP(C)]. © 2019 Ministry of Education | Disclaimer The Bahamas’ Ministry of Education (Moe) has responsibility for more than 50,000 K-12 students in approximately 170 educational institutions in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, which are dispersed over 14 districts in the major islands. *If requested by a University to which a direct application is being made. Art Elective Programme (AEP) at the ‘A’ levels H2 and H3, To encourage bright students to pursue Humanities subjects at Pre-U level under Zhejiang University 2021 Chinese Government Scholarship –Chinese University Program is established by the Ministry of Education of China (hereinafter referred to as MOE), aiming to develop outstanding international talent and improve the perception of China’s higher education. interested in a public sector careers. Outstanding students pursuing undergraduate studies can apply for the following undergraduate MoE provides scholarships to UAE nationals for graduate and undergraduate programmes to study abroad in one of the recognised universities as specified by the ministry provided the applicant: is a UAE citizen; has good conduct I want to further my interest in particular subject/electives. All academic fields are available. demonstrated the spirit of innovation and enterprise, The LHLA-OBS is presented to up to three outstanding students in the Bicultural Sponsors may have other specific requirements which will be considered along with the foregoing. Application Requirements for Applying for Scholarship. All rights reserved, Ministry of Finance, Planning, Economic Development & Physical Development, Ministry of Trade, Industry, Co-Operatives & CARICOM Affairs, Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Public Utilities, Energy, Transport & Implementation, Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development,Religious Affairs & Information, Ministry of Carriacou & Petite Martinique Affairs & Local Government, Ministry of Health, Social Security & International Business, Ministry of National Security, Public Administration, Home Affairs, Information & Communications Technology, Ministry of Social Development, Housing & Community Empowerment, Ministry of Youth Development, Sports, Culture and The Arts, Ministry of Climate Resilience, The Environment, Forestry, Fisheries & Disaster Management, SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES UNDER THE GOG/ISA MID-CAREER PROFESSIONALS CAPACITY BUILDING SCHEME (2020-21), Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office, Human Resource Development & Religious Affairs, Certified Copies of Academic Certificates, Certified Copy of  passport  bio-data page. Singapore talent with the requisite skills and capabilities to steer and contribute to these strategic sectors. Ministry of Education (MOE), Government of Nepal has invited the applications for MOE funded SCHOLARSHIP seats in MBBS, BDS and BSc Nursing Programs under Kathmandu University School of Medical Science (KUSMS) for the academic session 074/75. صورة بطاقة الهوية الوطنية للمتقدم سارية المفعول. academic achievements and to encourage them to continue striving for academic accomplishments, To encourage upgrading and life-long learning, the award is presented to To encourage academically able and linguistically talented students to pursue Tamil Language and Literature at ‘A’ levels at Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre (UPTLC) under the National Elective Tamil Language Programme (NETP). Students will have opportunities to broaden their horizons and develop important skills such as leadership, communication and other life skills. Music Elective Programme (MEP) at the ‘A’ levels H2 and H3, National Elective Tamil Language Programme Scholarships. The Special Awards are given out annually in recognition of students’ achievements in both MOE TS scholars will be given opportunities to hold senior positions in the Education Service depending on their performance. Keep track of your application I would like to mould the Upon completion of your studies and teacher training, you will be given developmental opportunities to groom you for senior positions in teaching, leadership or specialist roles, depending … Must meet the scholarship general conditions (Item 1). Click here to login to SATIS and keep in touch with SATD to maintain your scholarship. co-curricular activity records, To recognise students from NorthLight School and Assumption Pathway School who Completed Application Form (downloadable in the respective websites of the specific scholarship program) *Please note that applicants must be 18 years old and above upon submitting their application. Copyright © 2020 Ministry of Education, Singapore. ON SCHOLARSHIP. 1. MOE Scholarship Result by Ministry of Education Nepal It provides annual scholarships in MBBS, BAMS, BDS, BSc Nursing, B. Pharmacy, BPH, BMLT and BSc Forestry.

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