dr infrared heater dr998 review

Built in thermostat with LED display shows you what the ambient temperature is and helps regulate the temperature efficiently. Dr. Infrared Heater has three power Settings: Auto, Low 1000W and High 1500W. Dr. Infrared DR998 Portable Heater Heater DR998 comes with the humidifier which must be manually filled and it produces a cool mist to add needed humidity to dry winter air. Dr. Infrared Heater USA is located at 239 Harbor Way, South San Francisco, CA. CHECK YOUR HEATER CORD BOTTLE AND PLUG CONNECTIONS. 9 new from $135.26 Free shipping. 【OVERHEATING AND TIP-OVER PROTECTION】- The space heater is equipped with overheating and tip-over protection, it will shut off automatically when the temperature is over 176 ℉ or the heater accidentally tips over, efficiently avoiding burning or any other safety accidents. Hang it on the wall or set it on the ground thanks to removable feet and wall mounting points on the back of the heater. On the desktop in your office, beside your bed, under the table, anywhere you can imagine. The infrared heater they provide at “Factory Direct” prices are manufactured by the same factory that supplies Home Depot and Sears, only without the Big Box store prices. According to Dr. Heater Corp. they use the same 1500 Wattage as other infrared heaters to obtain more Heat, 255F@3.2m/s Vs 150F@2.4m/s. It's a heavy heater that can stand steadily. The benefit is you get all the benefits of Infrared Heat but also the faster heating of Convection Heating. All Season Breeze: This Space heater is of a sleek design and considerate 3 temp settings: Natural Wind, Low Heat, High Heat to fulfill your all year round need only in one switch. If you are looking for a portable infrared heater to help save with your heating costs or just to heat a spare room I don’t think you can beat the Dr Infrared Heater dr968 as far as value. There are two models of infrared space heaters that Dr Heater makes, this one and the Dr Heater Elite Series DR-998, which has humidifying capabilities in addition to all of the other great features the DR-968 has. It looks fine in any room! Featuring a high-quality infrared quartz tube, Dr. Infrared heater delivers more than 60% heat than other 1500W normal portable space heaters in the market. Hands On Review of the Dr. Infrared Heater dr968! In this article, we have reviewed the best lifesmart heater reviews for our readers. 7 new from $135.26 Free shipping. Since then I have monitored its performance and my energy savings so I can share them in this review.When I first began using portable infrared heaters to heat my home during the winter of 2011 I began to see an average 35% + savings on my heating bills compared to previous years using my central gas furnace. So it is convenient for you to control the heater while you are watching TV on the couch. Dr. Infrared Heater USA is located at 239 Harbor Way, South San Francisco, CA. About Dr. Infrared Heater At Dr. Heater USA, we are committed to bringing top quality alternative & supplemental heating products to our customers at factory direct pricing.The infrared heaters and industrial heaters we supply are manufactured by the very … This DOES NOT change the price you would pay. Power cord length: 70”. This heater comes with a Humidifier attachment as well as a remote for convenient use. With the flick of a switch this electric space heater will automatically rotate with a wide 70° coverage for room wide warming. 7 new from $134.99 【INFRARED QUARTZ HEATER】- This tower heater adopts three infrared quartz elements, which can heat immediately. Dr Infrared portable space heaters are some of the most popular heaters on the market, and for good reason. Page 4 contact Dr. Infrared Heater 2. And it comes with a remote. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This review will compare the Dr Infrared DR968, iLIVING ILG-918 and Duraflame 9HM9126-O142 portable infrared heaters. The auto energy saving mode allows you to set your desired temperature from 50-86F. Since this product review is all about Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-Watt we will focus on it for the time being. Ultra Portable: This compact space heater features a lightweight and stylish design and with a quiet noise level of 58 dBA, is perfect for home, office, bedroom and under desk use. The Dr. Infrared Heater dr968 is the companies original infrared heater. as of December 20, 2020 8:43 am . Three adjustable heating models: 1500W(high), 1000W(low) and Eco mode(constant 68℉). I bought these Units from Amazon now I have two. The DR-998 Portable Infrared Space Heater is a 1500W portable heater featuring a dual-heating system with both infrared and ceramic heating elements inside. Tip-over protection and Overheat protection, Built-in humidifier produces a cool mist to add much needed humidity to dry, winter air, Oscillation function distributes warmth throughout your entire area evenly and faster.Can be operated as a fan with humidifier or without , good for summer time, Electronic Thermostat: range 50 to 85 degrees.

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