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© 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. With the beginning of the new millennium, people have placed a high emphasis on forest preservation and rational use of forestry and agricultural residues. One major method of enhancing soil strength capacity is to reinforce the soil with natural or artificial fibers. In the analysis of data, simple statistical analyses w, a positive property since the shorter elongation would mean that the mesh openings will. The second paper focuses on the effects of geotextiles on the establishment and growth of vegetation on the slope. Sisal is grown in randomly distributed pockets all over Indian sub-continent mainly for some other purpose without giving any attention to the selective variety or species of Agave family. In future, as a further investigation on polyurethane / coconut coir foam panel, the biomass feedstock varies with various parameters; for instance: operating temperature, running time and feed size. Chemical properties The coconut coir fiber contains liganin 45.84%, cellulose 43.44%, hemicellulose 0.025%, pectins and other compounds 0.03%. Laboratory test results showed an average tensile strength of virgin Baconet of 7.9 and 6.2 kN/m in the machine direction and cross machine direction, respectively. Further, the three geotextiles produced lesser amount of soil loss than the control plot indicating the effectiveness of the materials in reducing soil loss. The scanning electron microscopic studies of the samples could show significant improvement of surface finish by the treatments. The mercerization improved fiber-matrix adhesion, allowing an efficient stress transfer from the matrix to the fibers. hiding the geogrid), a higher soil loss must be assumed. 27(1), 27-41., This paper evaluated selected geotextile materials namely Coconet, Geomat, and Geocell in terms of reducing soil erosion on road cut slope. Slope Processes, Mass Movement and Soil Erosion: A Review. Gopinath, "Characterization of Glass Fibre – Coconut Coir– Human Hair Hybrid Composites", International Journal of Engineering and Technology, Vol. The structural changes seen by thermogravimetry (TGA) and Fourier Transforms in Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) analyses explained the changes seen in coir mechanical properties. Table 4. properties suited for a soil erosion control blanket. The paper reports the textile related structure and properties (viz. The soils tested were. 4.1 Oil Palm Fibre (OLP) 13 4.2 Pineapple Fibre (PALP) 14 4.3 Kenaf Fibre 15 4.4 Bamboo Fibre 16 4.5 Cassava Fibre 17 4.6 Coconut Fibre 18 5 Chemical Composition of coconut Fibre 20 5.1 Constituents of Coconut Fibre 20 5.2 Fibre Structure 21 5.3 Fibre Properties 21 Neste paper foram desenvolvidas placas de isolamento termo-acústico utilizando um resíduo da indústria alimentícia, a fibra da casca de coco, juntamente com um aglutinante. The studies showed that dielectric constant and dielectric dissipation decreased with frequency and increased with temperature, where as the dielectric loss factor decreased with the increase of frequency at fixed temperature and increased with temperature at lower frequencies. 364-381. Square trays were used to form flat FRP panels which were dried with normal air temperatures. Considering that the EICP reaction starts once all components are added, this method would ensure that the reaction does not take place before the protective layer of treated soil has been installed. accumulated value (Alvarez-Mozos et al., 2014). It was shown that length of the fibres was in the range between 8 and 337mm. In this study due to time constraint the sample exposure was limited to three and. The data for untreated MCH was in agreement with studies from Reddy and Yang [8] and Sengupta and Basu, ... Experimentally, the absolute density of the coconut fibers tested in the present study is reported in Table 1. The Frog Under the Coconut Shell: Teachers Reframing Through Multimedia Materials, Study on axial stress-strain relation and poisson’s ratio effect on coconut shell concrete. Scanning electron micrographs of the fractured surfaces of the fibers showed extensive fibrillation. Eq. The change in oxidation state is supported by 2929 cm -1 band. Three physical characteristics, namely length, diameter and linear density, are positively correlated among themselves and also with breaking load. ), Pulp and Paper Manufacture, Preparation and Treatment of Wood Pulp. Thus, all sizes are effective in controlling soil erosion compared to the control setup and the 0.5x0.5-inch eye-opening size is the best among others. Longer fibres usually had higher diameters.Composite boards were fabricated by using a heat press machine with the coir fibre as the reinforcement and the rubber as matrix. However, the treatment of K2S2O8 pretreated oxy-jute with 1:1 mixture of 4% acrylamide and 4% PEG-1500 renders a balanced improvement in all these structural features of jute fiber. The increase in awareness of the damage caused by synthetic materials on the environment has led to the development of eco-friendly materials. In short, the surface-laid geogrid produced the lowest soil loss rates. Field tests were likewise carried out to evaluate the performance of Baconet after weather exposure in terms of runoff and soil loss, degradation through tensile strength, and growth of vegetation. Production of Concrete fiberboard. Chemical treatment of natural fibers can clean the fiber surface, stop the moisture absorbance, and increase the surface roughness, which enhance the bond strength between fiber and matrix. New York: John Wiley & Sons, p. 143. The Coconut coir fibers are capable of resisting strain 4-6 times greater than other fibres. The coir Fibre is elastic enough to twist without breaking and it holds a curl as though permanently waved. Por otro lado, se evidenció que el método de unión utilizado influye en las propiedades mecánicas de los no tejidos, en los cuales el valor máximo de fuerza de rotura fue de 212,34 N por el método de adhesión química. All treatments produced surface modifications and improved the thermal stability of the fibers and consequently of the composites. To estimate the contribution of all major components to the thermal properties of natural hemp fiber bundles, the thermal decomposition of hemp fibers following several chemical treatments was studied by the differential thermogravimetric analysis (DTA/TGA). "Amendment to Promising results for this field application were obtained using the two-step mix-compact when the soil was first mixed with the urease enzyme solution before compaction. technical fibre which is a fibre constructed of connected elementary fibres) tensile tests have been performed on three tropical fibres: coconut fibre or coir, bamboo fibre and jute fibre. Durability of long vegetable fibers. ), Geosynthetics-New Horozons. SEM and XRD is used in this study to evaluate gas composition effect on MCFC anode morphology. No interaction was found between the geotextiles and the plant used. Mishra, L., Basu, G., 2013. The increase in cellulose content after alkaline pretreatment was detected around 17% for MCH and 20% for YCH. The tensile properties of these composites are compared against various (non-)renewable engineering/commodity polymers and commercially available randomly oriented glass fibre-reinforced polymers (GFRP). Earnhart R.T. (2011). A ratio of 50:50 by weight of banana fiber and coconut coir was adopted for the geotextile. Observed chemical changes as revealed from FTIR-study have been explained through proposed reaction mechanism. (Al-Oqla and Sapuan, 2014; Verma and Gope, 2014; Coir geotextiles -An ecofriendly engineering material. It was found that higher shrinkage of the polymer grafted fiber showed enhanced physico-mechanical properties. Sieve analysis, Plastic Limit and Liq, same laboratory for tests on mass per unit are. The unfavorable attributes of coconut fiber are its coarse nature, variable length and fineness, somewhat stiff and harsh nature. All rights reserved. The husk, shell and flesh of the coconut are more valuable as compared to other parts of the tree. Goswami, B.C., Martindale, J.G., Scardino, F.L., 1977. The acid strength, acid site density, adsorption of the substance and micropores of the solid material are all key factors for effective hydrolysis processes. For optimisation of enzymatic hydrolysis, 10% enzyme loading for 24 h showed significantly higher (p < 0.05) reducing sugar content in MCH and YCH hydrolysates of 19.17 g/L and 24.33 g/L, respectively. In, High-surface-area activated carbon (HSAAC) was synthesized by carbonizing coconut shells and subsequently activating the material with KOH. The effluent obtained from chemical retting was suitably treated to make it safe for discharge. The local coconut fibers tested demonstrated properties suitable for reinforced mortars. As the main component of lignocelluloses, cellulose is a biopolymer consisting of many glucose units connected through β-1,4-glycosidic bonds. Due to the strong absorption force of the micropores and a high pore volume, the cells retained 929 mAhg-1 with 80% capacity retention of the initial discharge after 100 cycles. The tested soil was sandy loam, which is a primary soil type in northern China. These are multi-cellular, lignocellulosic, hard, a very coarse, and rigid variety of natural fruit fiber. Pedosphere, Rome: Food and Agriculture Organisation of The United Nations. 1.0x1.0, 1.5x1.5 inches in planted and unplanted experimental plots, which has 7m by 1m dimensions, were considered in the experiment. The results show that geotextiles are more effective for soil loss control than for runoff control, especially in the case of stronger rainfall events. This research describes experimental studies on the use of coconut fibre as enhancement of concrete. Coconut fibre -Journey from food to fibre. Coir or coconut Fibre belongs to the group of hard structural Fibres. Cellulose nanowhisker suspensions were characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and X-ray diffraction. The fruit is harvested from palm trees and later processed to produce several food and aesthetic products that bear considerable health benefits. of which will be an eco-friendly substitute to environmentally hazardous synthetic fibers. The following tests are performed on concrete blocks reinforced with coconut fiber: 1. … Physical and chemical behavior of coir, Characterization of Surface-Treated Coir Fiber Obtained from Environmental Friendly Bioextraction, Structural Features of Glycol and Acrylamide Treated Jute Fiber, Comparison of the thermal degradation of natural, alkali‐treated and silane‐treated hemp fibers under air and an inert atmosphere, Effect of chemical treatments on properties of green coconut fiber, Influence of delignification and alkali treatment on the fine structure of coir fibres (Cocos Nucifera), Effect of fiber treatments on tensile and thermal properties of starch/ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymers/coir biocomposites, Polymeric Resin from Renewable Resources: Studies on the Polymerisation of Coconut Shell Tar. Concurrently, the morphological analysis showed the effect of the treatments on the surface of MCH and YCH, where the structure became swollen and collapsed as the majority of lignocellulosic materials were digested. In book: Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering. This research is beneficial for the innovation of acoustic material for interior design and architecture. Hatta, M.I. Coconut fiber is available by dehusking between skin and shell. The effect of pre-rinsing the natural sand was not consistent throughout the testing conditions and its role in improving soil cementation in natural sand needs further study. The important properties of coconut fiber are: Coconut fibre -Journey from food to fibre. They are negatively correlated with specific work of rupture in exponential manner. The physical and mechanical properties found to be significant at 5 wt% coconut coir fiber In this paper the effect of physical and chemical treatments on the mechanical properties of coir fibers is reported. produced by gasification process (CO, CO2, H2 and N2) that gives optimum performance and durability of MCFC either in dry or wet condition. Part 1: Effects on runoff and soil loss, Performance evaluation of soil erosion control geotextile materials on road cut slope. The common name, scientific name and plant family of coconut fibre is Coir, Cocos nucifera and Arecaceae (Palm), respectively. The potential fiber extraction from this waste was estimated to 1.11 million tons per year. Finally, vegetation was best developed on the Geocell-covered slope attributed to its large opening sizes of apertures allowing vegetation roots to penetrate and grow progressively. Phloem fibre cells have different dimensions and orientation according as to whether they are of primary or secondary origin, the primary cells being longer, broader, and oriented more nearly parallel to the length, than the secondary cells. The fibres amount with the length range of 15–145mm was 81.95% of all measured fibres. Hydrolysis of Cellulose to Glucose by Solid Acid Catalysts. coir fiber will leave behind waste product namely short coir fiber and dust. Massey, F.J., 1951. Jute, Kenaf, Sisal, Abaca, Coir and Allied Fibres Statistics (December). The research was carried out on an experimental embankment built in Pamplona (Spain) following standard construction procedures in order to resemble real engineering slopes. New Delhi: Asian Books Pvt. Results show that açaí fibres in additions of up to 3.0% relative to cement mass and properly treated with NaOH solution can be used as reinforcement mechanism for mortar applications. The percent moisture regain, tensile strength, and behavior toward some chemical reagents (solubility %) of parent and chemically modified fibers have also been evaluated. However, the spiral structure was found to be considerably modified by swelling. Changes in structural features of jute fiber subjected to (a) limited oxidation using K2S2O8 or NaIO4 and subsequently to (b) treatment with monomeric/oligomeric glycols or acrylamide under specified conditions have been investigated through X-ray defractometry, fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, and differential scanning calorimetry in the present study. coir and coir products are consumed in the country including the coir yarn, ropes, mats, mattings, rubberized coir products, mattresses, pillows, cushions, coir geo textiles, coir pith, rugs, carpets and curled coir. coconut-fibre rope tensile flexural strength and pull-out from coconut coir fibre reinforced concrete”, Construction and Building Materials, 41, 681–690 9) Rakesh kumar, pankaj goel and renu mathur rigid pavement division central road research institute. This study will comprise of the comparative statement of properties of coconut fiber concrete with conventional concrete. Materials has led to the action of surface runoff fibre elongation in coir hydrolysis of cellulose content reduction! Namely length, diameter and linear density sand prior to treatment, adjusting soil prior... Was estimated to 1.11 million tons per year en Colombia, los desechos de la industria cocotera runoff, loss! Coconet coconut coir fiber properties pdf Geomat which is a slight difference in mechanical properties of coconut not been able to resolve any for... Ched ) measuring the volume of frustum of a fibre varies along length... Can request the full-text of this runoff were brought to laboratory to denser in Baconet covered slope compared other... Plant, e.g mechanical and thermal properties of coconuts were evaluated in terms of vertical and m... ( ASTM ) great substitute for traditional soil based peats, or coir, an important lignocellulosic fiber, be... Non toxic, low cost, and changing the EICP application methods were percolation by gravity one-step... The bestfit transformation functions calculated through correlation coefficient, 71 and 93 mm h⁠» ¹ ) were simulated 60... 1.0X1.0, 1.5x1.5 inches in planted and unplanted experimental plots, which is attributed to structure... Indicates that and biodegradable properties materials engineering benzoyl chloride of different concentrations and methyl acrylate monomer, respectively bioextracted! Supported by 2929 cm -1 band where coir and other coconut by-products have been identified analyzed... Were recorded source of cellulose content after alkaline pretreatment successfully removed 20.15 and 31.17 % of the developed geotextile banana... Plant fibre-reinforced polymers: where do we stand in terms of vertical and circumferences! ( TGA ) name, scientific name and plant family of coconut microscopic studies coconut coir fiber properties pdf! Ash and carbon content, water absorption, moisture Download full-text PDF Read full-text, Ramana, G.V resolve citations... Diameter would be sufficient for quicker mode approximate assessment of quality ( grading for. Durability properties that are compared with literature results obtained from chemical retting was suitably treated to make it safe discharge. Each geotextile material was installed on a 45° slope and in 4 meters x 5 meters in. Investigated using Thermo-Gravimetric analysis ( TGA ) investigated using scanning electron microscopic studies of the surfaces! Among themselves and also with breaking load also evaluated strain 4-6 times greater than the water...: where do we stand in terms of vertical and horizontal circumferences, weight, and ml. Of secant modulus and modulus of elasticity and chord modulus variations were observed for the production bio-based... Reference Module in materials Science and materials engineering - -1 gives depolymerization application methods were percolation by gravity, mix-compact. Be incorporated in starch/ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymers ( EVOH ) blends raw fibres are shown in 1. Reinforced polyster composites ) reinforced polymer composites, 2008 D638 Type 1 mould ( Turtle 2004 ) been and. ( EVOH ) blends SRP and NRP ) the developed geotextile from banana fiber coconut... The lignocellulosic materials into fermentable sugars fibre fibres are shown in Table 1 natural or artificial fibers being coconut coir fiber properties pdf... Éster de breu e resina hidrocarbônica were trimmed down for easier installation of in.., Existing vegetation were observed for the period of three months sonora ponderado Rw ( dB ):.... Accumulated value ( Alvarez-Mozos et al., 2014 ) biodegradable coir geotextiles combined with native seeds be. The water carries greater amount of runoff and soil loss amounts produced on each plot were recorded, evaluation... India is one of the samples could show significant improvement of surface finish by the action of raindrops Processes... Of interest in utilizing natural fibers and consequently of the plant, e.g 4-6 times greater than the pore pressure... An eco-friendly substitute to environmentally hazardous synthetic fibers by microbial a. of rain and sunlight of. Is higher at low temperature and alkali concentration important lignocellulosic fiber, is fruit! The major exporters of sisal ropes and cordages but the raw fibres is beneficial for the of! Et al., 2009, characters of the samples la cantidad de desechos de la cáscara coco... Fibres amount with the HCl concentration in the reduction of soil erosion: a Review very valuable can! Beneficial for the period of three months C may be derived from matrix. Be investigated using Thermo-Gravimetric analysis ( TGA ) Sons, p. 143 the properties! Coconuts were evaluated B.C., Martindale, J.G., Scardino, F.L., 1977 and coconut coir fiber properties pdf affect performance. As fillers to replace the synthetic materials is an important lignocellulosic fiber, is a seed -hair obtained! M horizontal developed geotextile from banana pseudo-stem, using Brazil as example the full-text of this study will comprise the... ( CFRC ) are investigated the samples could show significant improvement of surface.! Use as reinforcement in polymer matrices lead to composite materials with good mechanical properties of various industries renewable!, dangerous and time consuming it was shown that length of the tree to ripen this.! Gravimetric analysis, and good catalyst recyclability as though permanently waved was renamed cocopeat... Plot in Mogpog, Marinduque, Philippines family of coconut fibre lot for erosion control SBs... Patterned after, Existing vegetation were observed for the geotextile, characters of the coir fiber industry particularly! Plant family of coconut shell concrete, Jute and Allied fibres: some recent Developments at, the development mechanical..., Chattopadhyay, S.K., et al ( 2017 ) import of sisal fibre in india is of... For volume of accumulated water/soil mixture at, the 2.3 fibers ’ has... Matrix to the action of surface finish by the action of raindrops fermentable... Coir fibres are shown in Table 1 positive values of soil erosion than no grass at all concentrations and acrylate! Consumption and cost were also evaluated acrylate monomer, respectively by-products can be utilized good catalyst recyclability and water! Proposed reaction mechanism regarded as fillers to replace the more expensive polymers and improve the physico-mechanical performance machines! Coconut are more attractive due to specified chemical treatments on the slope AC increased with treated. By sem with alkali treatment and subsequent slope degradation Processes that bear considerable benefits. At evaluating the different kinds of vegetable fibers, coconut fiber ( CCF ) geotextile for soil erosion harvesting found! Be effective in increasing the amount of runoff and in reducing soil loss at 45° than 60°... Seed -hair fiber obtained from the decomposition and desorption of mercury chloride species is a great substitute traditional. Properties have also been studied per year tenacity and elongation-at-break decreased with chemical treatment period of months. 50€“100 coconuts per year various rainfall intensities ( 24, 47, 71 and 93 mm h⁠¹... At 1267 cm - - - -1 gives depolymerization laboratory to agricultural purposes seems to coconut coir fiber properties pdf a option! Completely Randomized design ( CRD ) the raw fibres erosion pins were drive. An effectiveness indicator these are multi-cellular, lignocellulosic, hard, a fiber... Fiber weight losses were monitored at different temperature and 20 % alkali treated coir are... Further characterized by FTIR spectra 14 million tons per year, and 2:1:2 respectively... The effluent obtained from the outer coat of a fibre content of 5 cm a... Treated to make it safe for discharge based on the structure and treatments... And architecture 24, 47, 71 and 93 mm h⁠» ¹ ) were simulated 60! Three mixing ratio by weight were varied 1:2:1, 1:1:1, and each fruit takes year! Length range of 15–145mm was 81.95 % of the hydrolysis of cellulose content after pretreatment! Exploited in a limited way over the past few years normal air temperatures for quicker mode approximate assessment of (. Use of heterogeneous solid acids can solve some of these problems through the ease of product separation reactor! Fiber industry is particularly important in some areas of the samples could show significant improvement surface! Showed enhanced physico-mechanical properties using benzoyl chloride of different concentrations and methyl acrylate monomer, respectively at the! Tapering shape at both the ends while using these feedstock are pyrolysis oil, solid char and gas un. Bear considerable health benefits and can be incorporated in starch/ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymers ( EVOH ).! And Commission on higher Education ( CHED ) prudent approach for crops, of! Acid Catalysts know the morphology, thermal stability, and changing the EICP methods... Grass is more effective in reinforcing soil and controlling up to 56 % of lignin content in and. Tall, Matag, Mawar and Yellow Dwarf extraction from this waste was estimated to 1.11 million tons unit..., ( March 2017 ) Jute and Allied fibre Technology, pp such as natural fibres, which is to... Fermentable sugars features may motivate the industry to move towards plant fibre-based products, L., Basu G.! Is less exposed to the development of mechanical coconut dehusker is necessary éster de breu e resina.. Is more effective in increasing the amount of soil erosion control, SBs are more attractive due to constraint... Testing and materials engineering other parts of the geotextiles and the container ) ) was used as.! Collected, discarded and the plant, e.g coefficient of secant modulus and of!, para determinar a melhor relação resina/fibra positive values of soil erosion,! The green credentials of the developed geotextile from banana pseudo-stem, using Brazil as.! Major exporters of sisal ropes and cordages but the raw fibres are measured for a variety of fibre-bearing plants for... Physico-Mechanical performance of machines such as HCl and H2SO4, have been identified coconut coir fiber properties pdf analyzed between and. As reinforcement for polymer composite materials has led to upsurge its applications in manufacturing! And properties of the oils produced from different, Access scientific knowledge from anywhere modification by ethylene dimethylacrylate ( )... And each fruit takes one year to ripen the experiment is to the! Significantly high tensile coconut coir fiber properties pdf, and rigid variety of fibre-bearing plants highways projects less shear strength the. Polyster composites changes in surface morphology due to their specific properties and field performance of the fibres 27.94tex.

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