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“I Do So Well During the Week, But I Always Mess It Up on the Weekends”

A simple solution from Mike and Sabrina Whitfield…

Screenshot 2014-11-01 08.13.54Does that sound familiar to you?

You might do great during the week on sticking to your diet, yet when the weekend comes around…

… well, it’s time to party dang it.

It’s a double-edged sword. On one side, you may feel “Hey, it’s the weekend. I don’t want to diet. I want to enjoy myself. I’ve been working hard and dieting all week!”  Yet, on the other side… you step on the scale Monday morning and it’s back to starting all over.

It might seem that if you were to take away Friday, Saturday and Sunday, your clothes would fit better and that stubborn scale would start to move, right?

So How Can You Diet During the Week and Enjoy Yourself on the Weekends… Is it Even Possible?

I’m going to be transparent with you. It is possible, but with a fun strategy and an open mind.

So, think about the last time you read a fitness magazine or website. It’s the same ole’ same ole’.

“If you want to reduce your body fat, you must cut 500 calories per day from your diet”.

Now this is true… to an extent.

Here’s scientific proof and math:

7 (Days) X 500 (Calories) = 3,500 calories removed from your diet.

You may already know that 3,500 calories = 1 pound of fat.

So when you reduce your calories by 3,500?…

Well on paper, you should lose 1 pound of fat per week.

Again though, you’ll probably agree that this is HARD.

And if any fitness expert tells you it’s “easy” or to just “suck it up – you have to want it!”. They may not understand where you might be coming from.

Maybe they don’t have a family.

Maybe they don’t have kids that are picky.

Maybe they don’t have cravings.

Maybe they don’t have a stressful job that keeps them working crazy hours all week, so when the weekend comes, you just want to relax and indulge.

I should know what this feels like. I battled it for years…

Mike before_after graphic

See that before photo of me? That happened FAST… like really fast.

I remember having this one pair of corduroys (they were green… and they were sharp… I don’t care what anyone says).

I bought them and they fit great, so I wore them a lot during the winter.

woman pinching belly fatNext winter, I went to put them on and I couldn’t even get them up my thighs. Have you ever struggled to put on your favorite pants? It’s almost embarrassing (at least it was for me).

In a panic, I stepped on the scale at the corporate office gym. I had put on 40 pounds in about a year without even trying (ugh!).

Yet, that wasn’t enough to convince me. I kept ballooning until I was over 300 pounds.

Nothing worked. I hated diets. No wonder nothing worked. Diets are life-draining. It’s like another job, right?

Even Though You’re “Off” on the Weekends, Your Diet Might Be Keeping You as a Prisoner 

Let me cut to the chase.

Yes, I’m a fitness expert, but you know what?… I HATE veggies.

Sorry, you can’t convince me to “enjoy” baked chicken and squash on a Saturday night… especially when your kids are finally asleep and you have a chance to watch Netflix movies.

Can you seriously enjoy the movie just as much with veggies and grilled chicken compared to a piping hot pizza with bubbling cheese?

Sure, eating some fruit is good 60 minutes into the movie as a dessert.

However, freshly baked, gooey chocolate chip cookies make that movie that much better. Can you imagine hitting pause when you hear the oven timer go off?

Sorry, but you just don’t get that excited over a bowl of cut up fruit. C’mon.

Until I accepted this, I was not able to lose 115 pounds and keep it off for over 10 years as well as become a contributor to the Mens Health Big Book of Abs and have my articles have been seen on Yahoo, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Men’s Health and more…

The Reality is You Can Enjoy Your Favorite Foods Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Still Lose Fat

Now this strategy goes against everything you’ve been taught. Yet, it still works.

puzzled faceBelieve me, when I read the words “You can enjoy your favorite foods Friday, Saturday and Sunday and still lose fat”, I would be skeptical.

I’m guessing you have your eyebrows raised and I can’t blame you.

Yet, there’s PROOF this works just based on the math alone.

Science has proved to you that to lose 1 pound of fat, you need a calorie deficit of 3,500 calories per week.

Yet, you may be looking at a daily calorie deficit to meet this.

But remember, it comes down to your WEEKLY calorie deficit.

When you “shift” to this NEW way of reducing your calories so you can enjoy your weekends, you’re not only reducing your calories, but you’re also…

Screenshot 2014-10-29 13.59.27

Let’s look at the first benefit alone…. Reducing your stress both physically and personally.

Did you know that restricting your calories for a long period of time does NOT lead to long-term weight loss?

A study published in the Journal Psychosom Med revealed that chronic dieting is ineffective because it increases mental stress and cortisol production.

Cortisol and stress are your 2 WORST enemies as they are known to cause weight gain.

You may have met someone that the more they dieted, the less weight they lost (or perhaps even gained weight).

Now if you experience tension or mood swings that affect the way you interact with other people such as your friends and family, you might understand why this is happening.

The good news is that there is a solution for this, but first, let’s see some more proof.

Your Willpower is Like a Battery and It Needs a Constant Recharge… If You Don’t, You’ll Make Worst Decisions Even In Areas OUTSIDE of Your Health

Think about this… have you ever started on a new diet on a Monday and you absolutely crushed it?

Then Tuesday became a little harder.

Then Wednesday a little harder to stick to it…

Then Friday came and it was draining to say “No thank you”.

You may have even felt your energy slump. There’s a reason you might be feeling this.

“Decision Fatigue”, the newest discovery coined by social psychologist Roy F. Baumeister, shows that there is a limit of mental energy for using self-control.

When you fight temptation of your favorite chocolate or pizza, then you’re less able to resist other temptations (like yelling at your kids or cursing at other drivers in traffic).

The study revealed that people like you and I spend anywhere between 3 to 4 hours a day resisting desire and this willpower drastically decreases (up to 60%) as the day goes on.

Now imagine how your willpower is affected over the course of a week!

The good news is that you can “recharge” your willpower and increase it naturally. A study from the University of Minnesota shows that rewarding yourself after you’ve followed through a healthy behavior will increase long term willpower. In fact the researchers quoted, “It might be an even better idea to reward ourselves first, and use the mood boost to follow through”.

It now makes sense, right? If you could enjoy yourself all weekend, wouldn’t that make sticking to your diet very doable? Plus…

Enjoying Your Favorite Foods INCREASES Your Metabolism

When you indulge in your favorite foods after a short and doable period of decreased calories, your leptin levels increase.

Leptin is your #1 hormone responsible for causing weight loss and metabolism function.Screenshot 2014-10-29 14.22.51

And when you restrict your calories for more than 4 days, your leptin production decreases.

Even when you’re exercising and dieting, not only does your leptin decrease, but your metabolism “resets” at a slower rate due to the stress the body is adapting to.

The good news is whenever you have a surplus of calories, you can increase your leptin production by nearly 30%, which was revealed in a study by the Institute of Physiology.

Your metabolism especially increases when your surplus of calories come after a decrease in calorie intake.

Imagine it as a surge in your fat burning. That’s where you’ll use the weekend to your advantage.

In Reality, ANY Diet Works (If You Stick To It)

A study of 7,200 adults showed that the weight loss difference between 12 popular diets including Weight Watchers, Atkins and South Beach was very minimal.

“The issue is about adherence and it’s how closely and how long can you keep sticking to the plan over time that matters,” Professor Susan Jebb, from the University of Oxford and a government advisor on obesity, told the BBC.

Yet, sticking to ANY diet… that’s the hard part.

Family gatherings, holiday get-togethers, having picky kids and more make it nearly impossible to stick to any diet, especially on the weekends when you’re not in your normal routine.

You may already have enough to deal on the weekends and on top of it all, you have to figure out “What can I eat today without getting off my diet?”.

That’s not a fun way to live.

You’re about to discover a simple solution that makes sticking to any diet far easier, but let’s look at one more very important fact…

Taking an “Eat Less, Exercise More” Approach Has a Long-Term Success Rate of About 5%

That’s a scary stat, but this shows why it’s not your fault. Diets and calorie-cutting are NOT easy, no matter what the experts say.

By taking a “hormones first” approach instead of just calorie-cutting, you not only reduce your body fat, but you also increase your energy and metabolism.

This leads to losing body fat much easier without having to drastically cut your calories.

Screenshot 2014-10-29 14.29.48In a study from the Journal of Obesity, those that focused on hormonal balance lost more weight compared to those that used calorie-counting….

… as in 65% MORE weight loss!

In fact, after just 8 weeks, those with happier (more efficient) hormones had a 34% decrease in their waist alone.

You don’t really need a study proving that the easier it is to stick to a diet, the more weight you’ll lose in the long term, yet there it is.

If the words, “I Do So Well During the Week, But I Always Mess It Up on the Weekends” resonates with you, I have great news.

You CAN enjoy yourself Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and lose weight week after week.

It’s just a matter of 2 things..

1) Optimizing your hormones Monday through Thursday WITHOUT starving yourself

2) Adjusting your overall WEEKLY intake instead of just DAILY intake

For the first time in diet history, you can actually relax and enjoy your favorite foods the entire weekend using a combination of hormone manipulation without EVER counting any calories.

Introducing the Diet Free Weekends:

Screenshot 2014-11-01 16.28.55

Now here’s the thing – this manual has NO fluff. In the past, I’ve provided the scientific proof from numerous studies and honestly, customers didn’t want that. “Just get me the good stuff! I just want to get started!” they would say.

So with this brand new product, I’m doing just that. I’ve already sent copies out for case studies and it’s finally ready for anyone, at any age, to get started within minutes.

Yes, you’ll know exactly what to do Monday through Thursday, so you can enjoy yourself the entire weekend. And you’ll know how to do it within a few minutes. It’s written out for you day to day. There is NO calorie-counting.

Now look, just so you know? This is NOT some “lose 10 pounds in 7 days” program.

This is a lifestyle solution that allows you to finally escape Diet Prison.

No more worrying about skipping Friday nights with your friends or Saturday brunch with your family.

No more eating your favorite favorite foods only to feel guilty within minutes because it goes against your diet.

This IS the diet – eat your favorite foods Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Manipulate your hormones and calorie deficit Monday through Thursday. It’s that easy.

If This Diet Free Weekends Solution is So Special,Why Is it Just $7?

Your’e not going to see the whole “And when you act right now, we’ll throw in 40 bonuses worth $5,000!” hoopla. You’ve probably seen enough of that.

As a fitness professional for years, I do charge to sit down with someone and work up a plan like this and that would be $247.

So you can see that $7 is pocket change when you consider how powerful it will be to never have to worry about sticking to a diet all weekend.

And it’s not a hardcover book. It’s even better. It’s 100% digital, so you’ll get instant access. You really could get going minutes from now.

Screenshot 2014-11-01 17.42.35

red-guaranteeNow just in case you’re wondering and if  you think this sounds too good to be true?

I’ll let you test it out for a full 60 days. If you’re not blown away at this approach and the freedom it gives you, or if you’re not happy for ANY reason? OR…

If you don’t find our customer service the best you’ve ever experienced while giving you the immediate support you need, let us know and we’ll refund your order. 

By the way, I personally respond to questions myself as well as our amazing customer support team.

And look… even if you hate the font I use, I’ll be happy to refund you. 

No questions asked and there will be no hassles at all. You simply email us and we immediately process your refund. Fair enough?

Sabrina and I are busy people and frankly, we enjoy having pizza together on a Friday night. Until we figured out this solution, we were feeling guilty about it.

Now you can enjoy this same freedom, too.

And no… we’re not going to do the whole “if you don’t act now, you’re the devil” lingo, either.

This is just a simple solution that allows you to lose as much fat as you want with a very doable and enjoyable plan. You have nothing to lose.

However, without at least trying this approach, are you losing your freedom and the opportunity to feel and look healthier and leaner?

Let’s do this…


Click the Add to Cart Button Below to Claim the Deeply Discounted Price of Only $7

Screenshot 2014-11-05 12.36.25



Mike and SabrinaLook, I’ve worked privately with hundreds of men and women just like you and helped over 200,000 people from all over the world with my actionable and simple advice.

Why? Because Sabrina and I have been there. We obsess about solutions for the rest of us!

You have nothing to lose.

To reclaiming your health and enjoying your weekends,

Screenshot 2014-11-02 07.30.13

PS – Just curious – what are you waiting for? You’re guaranteed to enjoy your weekends and lose all the weight you want with a 100% money-back guarantee. ALL the risk is on us.

Screenshot 2014-11-02 09.06.56

Screenshot 2014-11-05 12.36.25

Screenshot 2014-11-02 08.43.25

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