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Look, you probably know how important it is for you to finally get off to the right start and actually finish what you started.

The hardest part of succeeding with ANY weight loss plan is the planning. In fact, Benjamin Franklin said it best...

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

Most people rely on guesswork and "estimating" and simply hope for the best. This sometimes works, but definitely not as well as following a specific plan, day-to-day.

So Sabrina and I decided to remove ALL guesswork for you. We want you to get started right with a detailed "Do this next" plan so you get the fastest results possible. You can probably imagine how much this will impact your results with the Diet Free Weekends Solution.

This VIP upgrade is available to Diet Free Weekends customers like you. We've connected with other nutrition experts in the industry so that you'll maximize your fat burning during the week with not only done-for-you meal plans, but detailed and FAST recipes with every meal. That way, you can get even faster results by enjoying your favorite foods on the weekends.

This upgrade is for our busiest customers, the ones that don't have time for menu planning and "to-do" lists. Simply follow the meal plans as they are and watch your fat melt week after week. We have saved you hours of planning by doing the work for you... and doing it RIGHT.

The fastest and permanent results will come from these done-for-you meal plans. But we also have a special surprise for you, too...

What’s So Great About This Done-for-You Faster Results VIP Upgrade?

#1 Done-for-You Meal Plans

We know what it’s like to plan out a menu so you can have the fastest success. Planning is crucial, but for many folks, there’s just not enough time for it. This plans your daily meals FOR YOU.

#2 Delicious Fat-Burning Recipes with Actual Flavor! 

We don’t just say “grilled chicken and vegetables” for your meals. You’ll get mouth-watering recipes like “Meatza Pizza” “Paleo Fried Rice” and so much more. Yes, these are foods you’ll be eating during the week!

#3 Save Yourself Time 

We mean it. We’ve taken the guesswork out. You’ll know exactly what to eat on what days and how much with these short, easy recipes and meal plans.

#4 Boost Your Metabolism Naturally (21 Ways)

Using 21 NEW and PROVEN powerful Metabolism-Boosting secrets, you’ll know how to burn more fat at rest even outside of diet and exercise. Yes, you'll discover how to burn more calories no matter your age!

Introducing the Diet Free Weekends Done-for-You Meal Plans, Recipes and Planner

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