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How Would You Like the Secret Formula to Avoiding a Plateau, Losing Fat with Your Friends and Enjoying Done-for-You Plans at Your Fingertips?…

Hey! It's Mike and Sabrina and we are so excited for you and wanted to thank you for joining our Diet Free Weekends Solution Family. To show our appreciation, we've got an amazing surprise for you on this page. 

Now even though you have everything you need to break free on the weekends and STILL lose fat inside the Diet Free Weekends Solution on your secure download page, we wanted to accelerate your results even FASTER, while helping you stay on track for life. It's what we call our "Success Formula" used by our top private coaching clients to hold themselves accountable WITHOUT the thousands of dollars in expenses of hiring a trainer or dietitian. 

What’s Our Success Formula?

#1 Accountability

Did you know that 98% of people fail to reach their goals? The reason?… They go at it alone. You can avoid this by simply having an accountability tool on your phone, laptop and even your tablet.

#2 Done-for-You Systems

Whether it’s figuring out the right exercise program for you, or whether a certain food should be avoided and more, the internet can be overwhelming and confusing. You don’t have to be confused. We have a team that helps you with your specific goals and needs, while helping you create positive habits that last a lifetime.

#3 Motivation

You probably already know that being surrounded by like-minded people with similar goals and mentors who have been there and done that can be so powerful in your journey to better health. In a recent health survey, men and women were asked why they failed to reach their goals and the answer? …. lack of motivation. With daily inspiration from other folks just like you, there is always an abundance of motivation.

#4 Eliminate Any Guesswork

We have brand new exercise and nutrition articles at your fingertips delivered directly to you so you don’t have to research for hours on what and when to eat, what exercise programs are best for your personality and more. With weekly challenges and done-for-you material at your fingertips, you’ll never guess on anything again so you’ll have more time to enjoy yourself. 

Now would you listen to someone who has lost 115 pounds and has kept it off for over 10 years?

Listen, I’ve been in your shoes. I know what it’s like to be told to ‘Do more squats!’ or ‘Eat more vegetables and many other catchy phrases that fitness experts throw at you every day.

And if you’re not following a structured plan with no preparation when it comes to your health, this is the WORST thing you could do because not only will you hurt yourself, but you’ll get minimal results.

Introducing the Lifetime Done-for-You Success Formula

  • Weekly exercise challenge that is optional to join in to keep a variety in your routine so you'll NEVER get bored
  • Weekly insider nutrition tricks from our certified Precision Nutrition Coach so there's NEVER any guesswork and you can avoid ALL the fads
  • 24/7 Accountability, motivation and support so you are never alone
  • A brand NEW and optional done-for-you exercise program for you to follow each month so you'll know exactly what to do each day to drop fat every week

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It Doesn’t Get Any More "Tell Me What to Do Next" Than This!

Do you have a FREE Facebook account? If not, no worries. We've got a plan for you, too!

We run our entire forum through Facebook for your convenience. You’ll get a notification whenever there is a new program or challenge uploaded and you can download it from there on your phone if you wish.

HOWEVER - if you do not wish to use Facebook, we can certainly email you the done-for-you information at the same time we post it to Facebook. It's that easy.

Now normally, we run this amazing program at $9.95 a month. However, we're about to double that to $19.95 a month...

Why? I just brought on a Precision Nutrition Coach (The most credible in the industry) to post weekly nutrition advice to help you shape the body of your dreams. A Precision Nutrition Coach alone charges $197 a month. 

Now for lifetime access, you’re looking at a REAL value of thousands of dollars.

However, on this page with this one-time opportunity, you’ll get access FOR LIFE (yes, LIFETIME access!) for just ONE single investment of:

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